Make Your Wardrobe Eco-Friendly And Chic With Harold Meagan

Within apparel industry, the process of dyeing is the most polluting-intensive process and the primary cause of ecological contamination. We dye clothes because we love an assortment of colors to break monotony and add rich variability to our daily life. So is our love for colors to be blamed for the inadvertent pollution?

No! Humans have been coloring clothes since thousands of centuries. However, our predecessors were using a much more sustainable way to produce dyes. They were creating dyes from plants and minerals.

Natural dyes have no health hazards, and generate no non-biodegradable waste. In spite of the contrasting outcomes, only a tiny proportion of the apparel industry has adopted sustainable clothing.

We have found a solution to this Earth-blemishing problem! With the right blend of ethics and elegance, we has created pastelstore, a collection of naturally dyed tops for women.The flattering mid-high round neckline, heavy crepe fabric and a straight hem makes it perfect for casual Fridays into the weekend. Moreover, the finely combed cotton makes the fabric very breathable allowing you a shelter from the sweltering Indian summer! Did you know that naturally dyed clothes have a higher UV absorption, hence protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays?

Work from home means work from couch (we are guilty too :P) but that doesn’t mean you should show up wearing wrinkled clothes in zoom meetings! The soft yet wrinkle-free pastelstore tops allow you all the couch-lounging with your sartorial elegance intact :D These come with a super comfortable knee-high black shorts with elasticized waist that makes working from home a breeze. At the same time, keeping you on your toes for short trips to the grocery shop in between 

When the world is ready to open up and you are ready to take it by storm, you can pack and unpack these versatile tops in a jiffy (we know you’re getting late for your flight!) These crease-resistant tops do not need to be ironed.

We have created a collection of 3 pastel colors: steel blue to emit a collected vibe, unsaturated warm rose for a friendly vibe and a gray mist for a warm, neutral glow.

Ethical clothing is considered a high-cost affair because natural dyes are more expensive than synthetic dyes, due to the source material and the time involved in producing them. Harold Meagan, however, ensures that you don’t shell out big bucks for sustainable fashion. Sustainably produced garments are not only biodegradable but non-toxic and non-allergic too. Unlike synthetic dyes that have carcinogenic properties, organic dyes are made from plants and fossils, and hence safe around humans.

Embrace consciously produced clothing to dress smart without harming the planet and that too at economical prices!